Gate Ironmongery

Gate Ironmongery

Ruby UK has a huge selection of Gate Ironmongery, including hinges and iron work from the top British suppliers to perfectly compliment your gate. Whether you have a 3ft Wooden Picket Gate, or a 15ft deer gate, Ruby UK will cater for your every need. 

We have available the most popular, 24 inch adjustable field gate hinge set, perfect for all of our Diamond Brace Field Gates. Or Tee hinges in all sizes ranging from 10 to 24 inches, and in either Epoxy or Galvanised. 

If there is something you require but do not see it here on our website, please feel free to get in contact, we will do our best to add it to our ever growing range.

Sub Categories

Pair of 14" Black Tee Hinges
LEL Timber
Pair of heavy duty tee hinges in a stylish black finish. Add an authentic antique rustic cha..
Ex Tax: £11.54
6" Galvanised Safety Hook & Eye
LEL Timber
Medium duty safety gate hook and eye in a galvanised finish. This latch from ruby is perfect fo..
Ex Tax: £4.38
6" Twisted Ring Latch
LEL Timber
Decorative Design Made from Galvanised Steel Perfect for Garden Gates, Field Gates, Dri..
Ex Tax: £10.33
Hook To Screw - Gate Hinge 19mm Pin
LEL Timber
Hook To Screw Heavy duty hook to screw from Ruby, with 19mm pin, perfect for hanging field g..
Ex Tax: £4.29
18" Galvanised Drop Bolt
LEL Timber
Ex Tax: £10.00
Oval Padbolt - Gate / Shed / Garage Latch
LEL Timber
Oval Padbolt Made From Galvanised Steel Perfect For: - Garden gates - Field gates ..
Ex Tax: £4.23
24" Adjustable Field Gate Hinge Set
LEL Timber
Heavy Duty, Finished in galvanised steel Suitable for 3" thick gates Adjustable gate eye ..
Ex Tax: £13.33
Spring Fastener Gate Latch - Staple Catch
LEL Timber
Spring Fastener Gate Latch With Staple Catch Heavy Duty, Finished in galvanised steel F..
Ex Tax: £9.21
10 x Double Sided Timber Connectors
LEL Timber
Pack of ten 2" galvanised double sided timber connectors. 1mm thick galvanised steel to BS EN..
Ex Tax: £3.96
Gate Hinge Hook On 4" Square Plate
LEL Timber
Gate Hinge, hook on 4" square plate Heavy Duty, Made from Galvanised steel, and square is 4x..
Ex Tax: £4.13
Pair of 18" Tee Hinges
LEL Timber
18 Inch Pair Of Tee Hinges for Gate or Shed Finished in galvanised steel Perfect for al..
Ex Tax: £8.99
6 Inch Drop & Staple Gate Latch
LEL Timber
Made From Galvanised Steel Includes: 2 x Drive in staples 1 x Padlockable hook Padl..
Ex Tax: £3.33
Pair of 24" Adjustable Bands & Hooks
LEL Timber
Here we have a heavy duty 24" adjustable gate hinge. Made from steel in a galvanised finish. Pe..
Ex Tax: £31.66
Galvanised Slip Rail Bracket
LEL Timber
Made from galvanised steel Medium Duty, Strong enough for a lifetime of use. Perfect fo..
Ex Tax: £8.74
12 Inch Cabin Hook - Gate Catch
LEL Timber
12" Cabin Hook Gate Latch from Ruby. Made From Galvanised Steel Perfect For: Garden g..
Ex Tax: £3.33